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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 13, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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seeing that atrocity being treated out by presley. women have never done better, never had more opportunities and they dominate college enrollment. men are the minority on campus and have higher addiction rates and suicide rates. that's all the time we have. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team. take it from here. >> shannon: thanks, laura. we start with a fox news alert. new reaction to bill barr asking the president to knock it off with the tweeting about doj criminal cases. bar says he already decided the sentence recommended for stone was too harsh, but the president's decision to weigh-in made his job harder. the attacks coming at barr from both sides but notably tonight not from the president. some are calling it damage control for another troubled
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2020 candidate. former new york mayor mike bloomberg launched his mike for black america initiative amid his record and statements on race-based issues. joe biden making a bold prediction. he will win south carolina and end up first or second in nevada. can he live up to his own halftime? welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. what is happening with the president and his attorney general? >> as far as rebukes go, this is about as close as you can get to the line without going over. that said, bill barr called out the president for tweeting about doj matters. apparently it didn't bother his boss at all. >> i cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me. >> especially when that
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background commentary comes from your boss. that's what attorney general william barr says has been happening perhaps unwittingly when the president tweeting about ongoing cases and other matters related to the department of justice. barr says he's not saying the president is trying to tip the scales but the tweets are a distraction that he could do without. besides, it won't influence him in any way. >> i won't be bullied or influenced by anybody, whether it's congress, newspaper, editorial boards or the president. i'm going to do what i think is right. >> barr's comments didn't bother his boss one bit according to the white house. the president has full faith and confidence in attorney general barr to do his job and uphold the law. barr's criticism comes in a week where his former chief of staff, john kelly parted ways with his old boss on a variety of topics including illegal immigration, and lieutenant colonel alexander
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vindman. bar's decision to back a new sentencing recommendation for the president's friend, roger stone, calling for his impeachment. although that idea drew a cool response for nancy pelosi. >> there's so much malfeasance on the part of people in the executive branch right now. that doesn't mean that we're going to spend our time going after every lie that the administration henchmen make to congress. >> let me point something out with respect to that roger stone case, shannon. the junior foreperson in the trial was a woman by the named of tamika hart. she's a registered democrat that ran for office and in social media posts was a vocal critic of the president and roger stone. interesting to see how that plays out as the judge and others take a closer look at the case. back to you. >> shannon: we have more information and we're going to dig in. kevin corke, thanks so much. a number of prominent
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conservatives are arriving to the attorney general's defense tonight. for analysis, let's bring in jason chaffetz and andrew mccarthy. great to have you with us. >> thanks, than none. >> shannon: you heard what the attorney general said. i'm going to do my job. the only thing i'm telling the president is, the optics when he tweets is not good. richard blumenthal says translation, i'm doing exactly what president trump wants. i just wish he would stop tweeting about it. jason? >> first of all, that senator has no credibility whatsoever. look, i like the fact that a president of the united states when he sees unjustice, he's pointing it out. i understand it causes people to sit back and think but nobody will be pushing around the attorney general. he's earned a reputation in this town for a long time and the attorney general will do what he wants to do.
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i think this is exactly why donald trump has the utmost respect and the best possible attorney general in place right now. >> shannon: bill barr is known around d.c. but he does strike me as the kind of guy that won't be pushed around by any one. that sounds like his voice. there's others that are speculating this is a theater. the president knew he was going to do this and it gives him a look of independence. what do you make of it? >> shannon, i'm fortunate to know the attorney general. it's exactly his voice. precisely what he said in his confirmation hearings. i think part of the reason you have a muted response from the white house is that the attorney general took pains to say that the president had never actually asked him to do anything in a criminal case. but the point here that has to be stressed i think is that not all tweets are created equal.
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there may be many times in a political context when it's fine for the president to use social media to reach over the media filter and communicate directly with the american people. but when you talk about pending investigations and pending cases, because the president is the head of the executive branch, you have what in the military they call a command influence problem. it looks like the president is putting his thumb on the scale. the problem with the justice system, we go by a standard of the appearance of impropriety. it's not just whether the president does something. it's whether it looks bad because that delegitimizes the system. >> shannon: now we're learning more about kevin corke said about the juror that is apparently the jury foreperson who has gone public and said, listen, i want to support these prosecutors that one quit, the three others asked to be reassigned from the case. she had been very vocal. when you go back to her social media, she tweeted about things
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that the day was stone was arrested, her dislike of the president. all kinds of things. professor jonathan turley, an attorney that testified at the impeachment trial, he's on air a lot. he said what concerns me, a high profile case of this kind come with the added burden of the court to assure both sides that the trial was not conducted with the hint of bias or animus from the court or the jury. the collection of this jury does not meet that burden. jason? >> well, it does beg the question, who was representing roger stone. if that was in public, i don't understand why his counsel and jury selection was not able to point that out. and one other point, shannon, i watched barack obama, president obama, weigh-in on a lot of these cases that were still open investigations. and i never heard a peep from anybody. never -- nobody ever criticized barack obama when he said
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there's no corruption. he weighed in. to watch these people twist and turn and have a different standard for donald trump is flat out wrong. >> shannon: you know, he and his attorney general, eric holder, talked about him being his wingman. they were in long stop. that's how presidents and attorney generals are sometimes. as we learn about this juror, looks like there was a questionnaire from our research and trying to verify this. part of the jury questionnaire that asked about whether you had written anything for public consumption, for the defendant, the mueller investigation. all kinds of questions. we don't know how this foreperson answered that question but we know it appears that there was no objection from stone's defense team to this person being on the jury much less than she becomes the jury foreperson. if the stone legal team failed to do basic diligence and department challenge mrs. hart's selection, that's on them, not the government. the social media posts and records of political campaigns are a matter of public record.
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this wasn't rocket science. that's a quote. what do you make of that, andy? >> yeah, i think a lot of what brad says there has merit. but the question here, this certainly opens up colorly emotion to get the case thrown out at least to explore what happened here, what the defense lawyers knew, how intentional the lies were, if they were lies and so on. but the other thing i point out here is that the case against stone is overwhelming. most of it involves texts that clearly involve instruction and witness intimidation. i'm not saying i agree with the justice department that the original recommendation was too harsh. but this is a very strong case. one wonders, number 1, whether he would want to have a second
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trial. you know, and also, the question is going to be was he so prejudiced that we can't rely on the result here. that's a high bar in a case with this kind of proof. >> shannon: as they go back through questionnaires, this may be the case. we understand this foreperson was a lawyer as well and july napolitano says she would understand about the need to avoid perjury. so thanks, jason and andy. >> thanks. >> shannon: this is a fox news election alert. mayor mike bloomberg trying to make a big impression on african american voters. trace gallagher is on the case from our l.a. newsroom. hi, trace. >> after filling the airwaves with ads, mike bloomberg is a part of the 2020 narrative. his rise went largely uncontested. no debates, no problems until an audio recording from 2015 went public where he described murders and murder victims
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saying they're male minorities, 16-25. that's true in new york and true in virtually every city. politco says the audio led to the bloomberg campaign scrambling staffers into damage control. bloomberg himself was being pressed. >> i've governed or the way i run my company or the way i lived. i led the most diverse city in the country. >> while the former new york mayor is forced to play defense, he's implementing offense, including a new ad targeting african american voters and special events like tonight's "mike for black america." watch. >> i'm here to tell you how deeply commit i am serving as your partner in the white house. >> bloomberg is meeting behind the scenes with black pastors and other allies that might speak on his behalf.
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if there's any question as to whether bloomberg is being challenged, you need look at his campaign events. replete with shouters and protesters including a woman that was greeted to a bloomberg eye roll. his opponents have taken the gloves off. here's joe biden on "the view." watch. >> i don't think you can buy an election. everybody thinks that. one of the advantages and disadvantages, i've been the only guy through this process so far that has been totally vetted. >> biden went on to say that he is still standing, which he is, for now. shannon? >> shannon: but nevada, the anything big state. trouble for bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> correct. nevada's culinary union warned their voters not to vote for anybody. sanders and elizabeth warren would eliminate culinary health
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care benefits. and then the union members were attacked so they decided not to endorse anybody. amy klobuchar is getting heat for having the same position on illegal immigration as president trump during her 2006 senate run. she called for a physical barrier at the border and mandatory e-verify to ban employers for hiring illegal immigrants. turns out she no longer feels that way. shannon? >> shannon: political ideas evolve in washington as you know, trace. thanks. no parent resolution between president trump and andrew cuomo after their decision to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. the white house dropping all new yorkers from the trusted traveler and global entry programs in response. chad wolf says it's about security, not politics. with biden's campaign on life support, many on the left are
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>> shannon: former new york mayor michael bloomberg being forced to answer on his comments of race issues. comments on policing and a new clip making the rounds where he call the naacp a disgrace because they challenged his soda ban. senator marsha blackburn is here with us. >> good to be with you. thank you.
8:19 pm
>> shannon: here's what the mayor said in nashville. >> i offered a record of getting things done and common sense plans and that's what voters want and we need a nominee that can deliver it. >> shannon: he says the president will say democrats have unaffordable things but he has a record to get things down. he will win the nomination and the white house. >> he gets the wrong things done. when you look at his record and the things he supports, the way he weighed in on guns and taking away gun rights, our second amendment, the way he pushes that liberal agenda that the democrats have. they want to make certain that they have the green new deal. they don't want the federal judges we've been putting on the bench. they want to take away the tax cuts. they want to raise the rate. when it comes to the issue of securing the southern border, they're not for that. and then look at what is
8:20 pm
happening now with drivers licenses. with states reverting to where we were before 9-11 and trying to give them drivers licenses. you have the issue there in new york with that, shannon. i don't think mike bloomberg has a message that is going to sell. it's the same message that the democrats have. it bends towards socialism. i tell you, people in tennessee are not going to be voting for that. they're going to vote for donald trump. >> shannon: the associate press talked about the line of attack on democrats, that they're socialists, they want national medical care and all that stuff. they say progressives say those fears are overblown. republicans try to tie democrats to social causes in the 2018 campaign. democrats won a resounding majority in the house. so how will the messaging be different this time around? >> it's a presidential year. the presidential nominee is
8:21 pm
going to set that agenda. you have all of these democrats that have been running. you asked them to raise their hand on the stage if they are for medicare for all. they say absolutely. and they're for decriminalizing crossing the border illegally. they're for giving healthcare benefits to illegal aliens. they're for putting them in front of the cue in front of u.s. citizens, in front of our veterans. you know, that is something that the american people do not want. so they can start to try to distance themselves from that agenda, because they're realizing it does not sell. they're realizing that impeachment did not serve them well. and they're realizing that the american people are figuring out that they were pretty close to certain when they said oh, we have to impeach him because we can't beat him. that is one of the things that will hurt them because they are
8:22 pm
just tilted so far left. >> shannon: what do you make about -- you have congressman eric swalwell talking about the possibility of another impeachment. other makers talking about impeaching the attorney general. you mentioned, things have gotten better for the numbers. all kinds of things have gone in his direction since they began the impeachment. you think they'll try again? >> yes. i think they're going to try it again. because they cannot believe that they lost that 2016 race. they cannot believe that they have been rejected. yes, they won some congressional seats in 2018. but look at what is happening with them right now. every one of those seats are being challenged. you have the distinct possibility and very real possibility that republicans will take the house back and bare in mind, we picked up seats in the senate in the 2018
8:23 pm
election. >> shannon: i want to ask you, you mentioned the idea of illegal immigrants having drivers licenses. virginia is voting on it. the boston mayor said it's better. licenses for undocumented immigrants make us safer. nobody should be living in fear of police officers or driving statuses or residents need it. how do you respond to that? >> there's no reason for someone illegally in this country to get a government-issued, tax-paider funded official identification. when you look at what happened after 9-11, that's when the real i.d. act was passed. so we would know who is in this country. you remember the 9-11 hijackers. they used those state-issued drivers licenses to board those planes and kill americans. shannon, this is something that needs to stop.
8:24 pm
it's why i have filed the legislation to stop green lighting drivers licenses for illegal aliens. cutting the money, the jag grants that would go to these sanctuary cities. this is ridiculous. it's a national security issue, a local security issue. and this is something that we need to stop right now so that we keep our communities, keep the public safe. >> shannon: we'll continue to track it. a lot of the advocates that will fight this legislation you're backing say it's about people being able to take their kids to school and so forth. thank you, senator. >> okay. >> shannon: you heard him on "fox news @ night" last night. tonight, breaking news about a new connection between ukraine and rudy guliani. we'll explain next.
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>> shannon: david spunt investigating what the new developments means for the trump administration. >> acquitted of the charges in said articles. >> a week after president trump walked away from a conviction in the senate, ukraine is still in the news. president zelensky, the man that prompted impeachment in the first place, has a new right-hand man. that man, andre yermok, who has a relationship with trump's personal attorney, rudy guliani. as revealed in public testimony, guliani meet him and urged him to investigate vice president joe biden's son, hunter and his ties to a ukrainian energy company, burisma. >> this should have been investigated three years ago. >> guliani last night on "fox news @ night" said despite trump's acquittal, he's still pushing forward with an investigation into the younger
8:30 pm
biden. text messages show that yermok was working on a meeting. the former vice president depended his son this morning. >> this is a guy that has done nothing but good things his whole life. >> in october i travel to kiev and spoke to president zelensky directly about both bidens. >> i've spoken to ukrainian law experts that say that joe biden and hunter biden did nothing wrong. do you believe that? >> if you talk to the lawyers and they say there is nothing wrong, it would be great. when the prosecutors office will or will not take decisions, they have to consider the cases. >> those close to zelensky say bumping up yermok has nothing to do with the united states or any biden family member. a spokesperson said that the change of the head of the office of ukraine in no way affects the political course of the state. important reforms are ahead and
8:31 pm
this is the focus of zelensky's team. the president's office is confidence that yermok will handle this responsibility. >> now, andre yermok has known yermok for years and advised him on foreign policy decisions. now that yermok is zelensky's top aid and he has a relationship, foreign policy experts are sure to see if they may bring trump and zelensky closer together. president trump said he would welcome president zelensky here. we'll see if and when that happens. >> shannon: we're waiting for that. thanks, david. the senate tonight approving a bipartisan measure aimed at limiting president trump's authority to launch military options against iran. the president is expected to veto the war powers resolution when it gets to his desk. eight republicans joining democrats in a post impeachment bid to restrain the white house. so what do you think? doesn't trump need to be constrained by congress on iran? check out our timeline of what has happened the past year.
8:32 pm
may 5, then national security adviser john bolton announces the deployment of a carrier strike group to the middle east to send a clear message to the iranian regime. he says in reresponsible to troubling warnings. may 8, iran announces they will stop complying with the iran nuclear deal. the same day, the president announced new sanctions. may 12, four ships are sabotaged. june 3, secretary of state mike pompeo offers talks with iran. june 13, two tankers, one japanese and one norwegian are mined near the strait of hormuz. june 20th, iran shoots down a surveillance drone. june 21, the president order a strike on radars but called it off. june 24, the white house announces more sanctions against iran and the next day the
8:33 pm
iranian leader calls the president mentally retarded. july 19, two oil tankers are seized by the iranians in the persian gulf. september 14, the white house blames two attacks on saudi oil installations. in northern iraq, more than 30 rockets rain down on k-1 air base killing a u.s. civilian contractor injuring four u.s. service members and two iraqi security forces personnel. the u.s. military blame hezbollah malitia, a subgroup of iraq's popular mobilization unit. and september 29, u.s. f-16 streak eagles pound targets killing 25 terrorists. after the air strikes, a military spokesperson said there was a campaign of at least 11 iran backed malitia attacks on
8:34 pm
u.s. interests leading up to the rocket attack. december 30, hundreds gather to protest the strikes about hezbollah. december 31, baghdad, hezbollah and pms sympathizers stormed the u.s. embassy in the green zone. apache helicopters show flares in a show of force. and then two tilt rotor aircraft touchdown with a rapid reaction force of u.s. marines. secretary of state mike pompeo identified one of the leaders as the organizers. and then marines videotaped new violence outside the embassy wall. a short time later, the malitias pulled back. battalions from the 82nd airborne deploy to kuwait. january 2, baghdad international airport, an unmanned u.s. reaper drone circling high above strikes a vehicle exiting the
8:35 pm
airport with among others qassim soleimani, supporter of the i ran proxy malitias. january 7, iran retaliates with rockets on an air base where u.s. and coalition troops are based. the next day the president said the strike caused no american or iraqi casualties. february 11, the pentagon said 109 troops suffered brain injuries in the rocket attacks. tonight more democratic infighting and why lawmakers are worrying about how a sanders nomination could devastate down ballot democrats next. that keeps you up again, and again. advil pm silences pain, and you sleep the whole night. advil pm
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8:40 pm
freaking out. that's a fair term to describe some democrats when they consider the possibility of bernie sanders becoming the democratic standard bearer this fall. they worry his socialism could scare off voters and harm democrats down ballot. >> what are you going to do to win the culinary union? >> moderate democrats from swing districts sounded the alarm bells this week. sanders heads into the next round with momentum. it's bad, said one freshman democrat that represents a swing district in a battleground state captured by president trump in 2016. we're having conversations about how to deal with this. another democrat said if sandsers is the nominee, we lose. democrats are pondering what a nomination:of sanders might mean. >> it could be challenges to win the presidency and the senate. we should be running on an
8:41 pm
agenda that should get us 55 votes in the senate. >> we have to lose in pennsylvania. we lose there, it's over. >> republicans euphoric at sandsers prospects. >> think about his cabinet. aoc, talib, omar. >> and freshmens facing races in 2018 were visibly uncomfortable talking about the state of the presidential race as reporters tried to speak with them. notably, cindy axney that ducked into an elevator and an aggressive aide ran interference for lucy mcbath. nancy pelosi tried to quell the anxiety. >> i asked if there's some establishment i don't know about. it's politics. it's a messy business. we're calm, we're cool. >> one democratic source urged caution saying democrats
8:42 pm
distributed few delegates saying it's early in the process. some moderates like stephanie murphy from florida that unseated a republican in 2016 are now backing michael bloomberg. shannon? >> chad, thank you. so the decision by a grand jury to restore charges against actor jussie smollett is also jeopardizing the career of the prosecutor that originally dropped the charges against him. not if bernie sanders has anything to do with it. he's endorsing kim foxx who is facing problems of her own. let's bring in chris hahn, madison gisoto. going to get this right. madison. thank you. >> there you go. >> you had no problem with hahn. >> shannon: yeah. one syllable. simple. great to have you both. let me read you something from
8:43 pm
politco. the endorsements are keeping with the vermont senator's attempts to keep him as the most progressive with a platform that legalizing marijuana and permitting safe injection sites where people can use illegal drugs. madison, should we be surprised by this endorsement? it lines up with where he is. >> i'm not surprised by it but both myself and democrats that i know are disappointed in this one. i mean, you look at what she did in the jussie smollett case. it's unacceptable. it's not being progressive. that's not doing your job. the reality remains, who he endorses, he cannot beat president trump in november. we've seen the fund-raising numbers, the incredibly high voter turnout in new hampshire, doubling obama in 2012 and of course, we see the enthusiasm at all of the rallies.
8:44 pm
the president will win in november and the economy is strong and he's kept many promises on top of that. >> shannon: chris is skeptical about this. let's put up a tweet by benny johnson with turning point u.s.a. he says the jussie smollett case is the cancerous rot that infected our court system. come foxx dropped six felonies after speaking with the michelle obama aide. sick. so maybe this is an unforced error thing. now he's been indicted again. >> yeah, i don't think so. i've been in politics a long time. i've never seen an endorsement hurt anyone honestly. i've never seen them help anyone. so i think most people in america have moved on from jussie smollett case except for a few in the right wing media -- >> shannon: or the special prosecutor that got the
8:45 pm
indictment. >> well, as for who is electable and not electable, i remember sitting here four years ago salivating over the prospect that donald trump would be the nominee and how wrong i was. there are a lot of people out there say whoing is electable and who is not electable. we'll see. the most important thing about the democratic party is not about who is on top of the ticket but if they can unify behind that person. if they can, donald trump will be send packing in november. >> shannon: somebody hoping to resurrect his flailing campaign, joe biden was on "the view" today and pushing back against criticism and investigations on hunter biden, his son. >> look, nobody has said he's done anything wrong. this is a guy that has done nothing but good things his whole life. >> shannon: madison, done nothing but good things. >> he said nobody has said he's done anything wrong. i don't know if he's been living in another planet than what we've been on.
8:46 pm
a lot of people are saying he's done something wrong. i don't think there's any justification for hunter biden to have been paid tens of thousands of dollars per month to be on the burisma board in which he had no business being on in the first place. >> shannon: chris, there were people in the obama administration that at the time did express concern about the optics of it, not necessarily doing anything wrong. very concerned about the appearance. now it comes back years later and hurts his father's campaign at a time when it's struggling. you think he can make a comeback in nevada or south carolina? >> i'm dubious on whether vice president biden can make a comeback. he's not looking very strong anywhere right now. that said, there's a lot of unqualified people making money for things they shouldn't be making money for. if we investigated every one of them, we would have no time to do anything else in this country, including people on the trump campaign getting paid -- >> shannon: can't have anything to do with him -- >> a lot of people on the trump
8:47 pm
campaign right now making $10,000 a month just to keep quiet. so maybe we should look into that a little bit -- >> shannon: chris, do you think he would have gotten the job -- do you think he would have gotten the job for burisma if it wasn't for his last name? a fair question. >> do i think george w. bush would be president if he wasn't george w. bush? a lot of people in this country have jobs they shouldn't have because of who their parents are -- >> shannon: you're deflecting. even hunter biden himself has said that -- >> i'll answer the question -- >> shannon: he said he thinks his last name was very helpful. leave it there. see -- >> hold on. let me not deflect that question. no, i don't think he would have had that job if his name was hunter biden. there's a lot of people that wouldn't have their jobs if they didn't have the names they have. >> shannon: fair and honest. a lot of that in d.c. thanks for your fair answer. thank you. >> no problem. >> shannon: three attacks on
8:48 pm
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>> shannon: three attacks on trump supporters. the man in florida tried to run down a gop voter registration tent. according to police, it was in opposition to the president. police arresting a new hampshire
8:52 pm
man that they said for slapping a 15-year-old trump supporter and trying to topple a voting tent. and an nypd officer said his hat was thought to be a maga hat. thank you for being here. >> hi, shannon. >> hi. >> shannon: okay. so listen, there's a lot of folks questioning why we haven't heard more about these. guy benson says if a trump supporter had perpetrated this same act against democrats, meaning the guy that drove his van in the tent, this would be in a national conversation and civility emergency. i don't need to tell you whose rhetoric would be blamed. kathy, that's true, don't you through? >> we are in the middle of it. the first lady has put out a mission saying she wanted to stop her anti-bullying campaign. she put that out a couple years ago. hate crimes have gone up in the
8:53 pm
last 16 years. the fbi data shows it. people are being nastier than ever. now maga hats and other things are causing people to just become unravelled. people are angry. they're taking it out on each other. the poor man with the 50 hat -- >> shannon: we have a picture of him. he said hey, he's my friend. he went to nashville to have a good time and got punched in the face. i don't know what happened here. apparently it's still being investigated. the point of this had been somebody who, you know, punch add bernie sanders supporter or drove into a bernie sanders rally or whoever, i feel like we would have heard more about it. >> absolutely. there would be wall-to-wall coverage. we see how some in the mainstream media cover the hate hoaxes. if there was any attack against someone on the left, we would
8:54 pm
hear it none stop. this is happening all the i'm too. i've interviewed so many people that have been intimidated, attacked and bullied for expressing their support for the free leader. needs to stop. the democratic politicians are very silent when republicans and trump supporters have attacked. some encourage it like maxine waters that said if you see them at a gas station, say something. so it's very disturbing. a lot of people want to blame president trump for the division and the hate that is happening in this country. but i don't think it's president trump's fault. i would blame the media who constantly say terrible things about the president nonstop. they distort his policies and his views and they're very crafty at taking his words out of context to turn us against each other. >> shannon: and there's room between hate and actually attacking someone.
8:55 pm
do you think this gets better or worse force? we have to go quickly. kathy to you and then to you, stephanie. >> i know. well, stephanie, don't kill me. i think it comes from the top. coming from the top. if the president does take back tweets that are negative and nasty, then i think we all will be become civil society again. example from the time. >> shannon: stephanie, final word. >> we all need to be kinder to each other and stop the bullying. it's not just president trump. it's everyone needs to do their part. >> shannon: thank you >> thanks. >> shannon: all right. check this out. our midnight hero. dramatic footage of a shoplifting suspect bolting from police outside a walmart in georgia only to have a shopper throw a cart into the suspect's path knocking him down in time for police to make the arrest. we're told the good samaritan picked up his groceries and headed home. so to the mystery walmart
8:56 pm
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